Saturday, August 30, 2014

12 Weeks; 14 Months

Well we officially have just one more baby on the way! Yesterday we had our 12 week appointment and saw our very active little peanut again. We had the NT scan and everything looked "perfect"to my doctor with the little one! He/she put on quite the show and was oh so cute! The heart beat was right at 160. We talked a bit about plans for the birth and have decided we can go ahead and plan for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) like I was hoping as long as everything stays going smooth! My next appointment is at 16 weeks and we can't wait!

How far along: 12 Weeks!

Size of Baby: A Lime
Total weight gain/loss: I lost a little weight in the beginning but I am up 2 pounds now.  
Gender: We don't know and won't be finding out! 
Maternity clothes: I have started wearing my shorts and pants again but I dont need different shirts yet.
Stretch marks: Just the few that I have from the triplets.
Belly Button: In.
Sleep: Not too bad although I am waking a little more often.
Symptoms: Mostly I'm just tired. My morning sickness is basically gone now.
What I miss: Having more energy.
Cravings: Everyday it changes. I am finally getting a good appetite back and today I really wanted a burger. Guess what we had for dinner? My husband is the best.
Aversions: Nothing! It's about time.
Best Moment: Seeing the baby again. Its so fun and this time around we have way fewer appointments and even fewer ultrasounds so we really cherish them!
What im looking forward to: Having a better apetite and getting a bit of energy back.

Also, the triplets are 14 months old!! They are getting so big! They are talking up a storm and getting into tons of trouble. They are at such a cute stage though and are so fun playing together. 
Weights and Lengths: I think the boys are over 23 pounds and Evie over 22 pounds.

Eating: They are all still nursing 4 times a day and have 3 meals and multiple snacks throughout the day.

Sleep: They go to sleep around 7:30 and are up around 7. They are taking two naps still but we are close to dropping to one. They sleep for 2 hours in the morning but only about an hour in the afternoon and they take longer to fall asleep and talk for a bit.

Clothes Size: All of them are in 12 and 18 months sizes.

Milestones: All walking, running, and talking! Some of their favorite words: Mama, Dada, ball, park, dog, again, and up.





Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Number 4!

Today I am 10 weeks! And I am definitely pregnant! I am already showing, although some of it is bloating. I feel more pregnant than I did at this point with the triplets! My body is definitely saying, "I remember this..." I feel pretty good but still have a bit of "morning" sickness. I haven't thrown up in a long time but just get sick to my stomach. I can't complain because its not nearly as bad as with the triplets. My appetite is all weird which is the hardest part because now I need it more than ever! Since im still breastfeeding, I technically am eating for 5! Ive been trying to sneak the calories and nutrients in with smoothies and bars. Other than being a lot more tired and a bit more emotional, im doing great!

Everyone is very excited for this new little one. I found out a month ago at 6 weeks after having a few weird symptoms and the babies acting a little odd. Im not sure if my milk could have changed or if it was related at all but I tested and it very quickly turned positive! I was very shocked although immediately excited. I didn't do anything too special to tell Patrick, but it was cute. I acted a little weird the night before but didn't say anything and I think he knew something was up. He was feeding the babies breakfast while I was getting ready and thats when I tested and found out. I went downstairs with the test behind my back and asked, "How do you feel about the number 6?" He looked kinda confused and said, "Um, It's ok, why?" I just said, "Because that's how many people we have in our family!" It took him a second, but then he got it and he stood up (knocking his chair over!) with a huge smile on his face and said "You're pregnant?!!" and I pulled out the test! He gave me a big hug and kiss and the babies squealed because of all the commotion. It was really cute!

The pregnancy was definitely a surprise to us but we had started the conversation about when we wanted to have another. We had decided to try maybe around 16 months so they would be a little over 2 years apart. I hadn't gotten my period back yet so it wasn't really on our minds that I could get pregnant. Now they will be about 20 months apart which is a little daunting to think about having 4 under 2! But, we have so much help and what's one more?!

I had my first appointment at 6 weeks and a few days and everything looked great. We had an early ultrasound because of the situation of not knowing when we conceived/last period and having had multiples before. That one showed just one healthy baby! We had another appointment last week with my OB and just heard one heartbeat again. We have our next ultrasound at 12 weeks but we are pretty certain it's just one!

The triplets don't really get it yet, although we have been talking about it a lot. They are just too young right now. To reveal to family, we were going to wait a bit longer but we were going up to Tahoe for a last of the summer trip, and some of them would have been skeptical since I wasn't feeling great and I was already showing a bit. So we decided to reveal to most of the family at a big dinner the first night everyone was there (last Saturday). We dressed the babies in "Im a Big Brother!" and "Im a Big Sister!" shirts and just waited for people to notice. It took a good 30 minutes or so and it was my Mom who said,"what do their shirts say??" Then everyone looked at them and freaked out! There were lots of shrieks and hugs and it was the talk of the trip. Of the few family members that weren't there, we Skyped them and asked if they wanted to see the babies, then they saw the shirts! We also tried to teach them to say baby while pointing at my belly, but it didn't work. They are still too young to get the concept.

Anyways, we are due March 11th and are not going to find out the gender so that will be a surprise! Ill try to post pregnancy updates often, but I dont think i'm going to do them weekly like the first. We'll see!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Family...

...Is Growing!!

We're Pregnant with baby number Four!! We are very surprised and extremely excited!! We found out a few weeks ago and told family this past weekend so now I can reveal it here! It was such a hard secret to keep. I am not quite 10 weeks along and due March 11th 2015! I will post more details soon but for now we just wanted to share our great news!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Breastfeeding Three Toddlers!

So this post has been a work in progress for almost a month now but oh well...

I wanted to do an updated post on how breastfeeding is going now that our triplets are officially toddlers! I originally just wanted to breastfeed them for as long as I could because I didn't want to set any goals that I couldn't reach. As they got older, I slowly realized that I could do this and I must just be made to nurse! So when they were around 9 months old I started doing research on extended breastfeeding and benefits as well as just logistical ideas and how to do food/drink after they turned one.

WHO, the World Health Organization, actually is now recommending breastfeeding until 2 years old as opposed to just 1 like it used to be. Im happy that it is becoming more normal to do this as I really do think it is important and love the bond I have with my babies!

I have chosen to let them self-wean which basically means that I will let them choose when they want to stop. I will eventually set boundaries and limit the amount if they are still going strong after 2. For now, my milk is their main form of dairy so I do not have to introduce whole milk yet. They nurse at least 4 times a day and sometimes 5. They nurse when they wake up, before naps, and before bed, although I do not nurse them to sleep. Owen is definitely the most connected to it and goes the longest and asks the most often.

I tink he is really the only one that wants to nurse more than the four times but if the others see him thats when they want to as well. Evelyn asks to nurse sometimes if she's upset or really tired.

The way we nurse now is a bit different than before as they can be more patient and it isn't their only form of nutrition anymore. Owen is always the first to wake in the morning so he gets some one on one nursing and cuddling and then Evelyn and Declan get fed as they wake and if they are up at the same time, I tandem.

At night we always have the same routine which I will do another post on, but after reading books I tanden Evelyn and Declan while Owen just hangs out a bit longer. I put them down and they fall asleep quickly. Then Owen gets his turn as he needs a bit more one-on-one time at night to nurse and wind down before he can fall asleep.

With naps, it really depends. A lot of times I will feed one before we even go into their room because they need it and then just tandem the other two once in the room. If I have help, I will feed one at a time while the others are getting changed and read to, and sometimes I do it like our night routine. They only nurse for about 5 minutes at naps and maybe 7-10 morning and night.