Wednesday, April 2, 2014

9 Months Old!!

Sorry this post has taken so long! We have been very busy lately! We made it back from Ireland (I will do a detailed post on our return travel day... it was not fun) and had an amazing time! Towards the end of the trip we started having some teething, sleep issues and are still struggling with it. Now im thinking it's more of sleep regression/ growth spurts/ teething all at once! They have started waking in the middle of the night and not napping as well so our days have been long. I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel though. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, the babies are doing great! They are getting so big and are changing so much! Their first birthday is getting way too close! Evelyn has now been mobile for a while and they all are getting into everything. Patrick and I have slowly been trying to baby proof and set up some more defined spaces for them. If anyone has any recommendations let me know! All of the gate things seem so small for three babies!

Anyways lets get on to the updates...


Declan is such a sweetie and usually very calm and chill but he is slowly becoming much more assertive when he wants things. He is very much on the move (as you can see in the pictures) and loves pulling up on anything. He is still our best cuddle monster and loves to be held. He has cut a few more teeth and now has 4! Two on top and 2 on bottom.

Weight and Length: 20 pounds 3 ounces and 28.5 inches

Eating: Nursing about 5 times a day still and eats solids at breakfast and dinner and usually another snack mid-day.

Sleep: He is a great sleeper and sleeps from 8pm-7am still (besides this little regression). He takes two 1.5-2 hour naps a day. He has basically dropped the third catnap unless we are in the car.

Clothes Sizes: 9 and 12 month clothes. We are switching to 12 month pajamas and most of the outfits fit, but so does most of the 9 month stuff.

Favorite Things: Bath time, being outside, going for walks, books, music, and climbing.

Least Favorite ThingsStill doesn't like diaper changes but is getting better. He likes the car seat now as we have switched to the convertibles and he loves sitting up more. He doesn't like being confined and when we "trap" them in the living room.

Milestones: Pulling up on everything, and climbing!


Owen is our charmer and clown. He loves to laugh and is always either very smiley or screaming for attention. He is our dare devil and loves to climb things now (you can see above how he figured out how to get on top of the shelf and has tried to climb the dishwasher too)! He never stops moving! He also has the same 4 teeth and more are coming!

Weight and Length: 20 pounds 5 ounces and 28.5 inches

Eating: Nursing about 5 times a day still but usually wants a few more minutes here and there and eats solids at breakfast and dinner and usually another snack mid-day.

Sleep: He also goes to sleep at 8pm and is usually up around 6:30am. We usually get some cuddle time in then until the other two wake. He naps for about 1.5 hours (maybe closer to 2) a day. He also will nap if he's really tired in the car.

Clothes Sizes: 9 and 12 month clothes. We are switching to 12 month pajamas and most of the outfits fit, but so does most of the 9 month stuff.

Favorite Things: Bath time, being outside, going for walks, books, jumping, laughing, exploring, and climbing.

Least Favorite ThingsStill doesn't like diaper changes but is getting better. He doesn't like to be confined either and hates it if we aren't in the area with him. He wants to be with everyone!

Milestones: Pulling up on everything, and climbing!


Evelyn is still quite the daddy's girl and very much a drama queen. She doesn't let her brother's take over! She has learned to crawl and is always exploring. She is a little leader with her brothers and taking them all over the house! She has also figured out how to climb (she figured out our makeshift block to the fireplace in Ireland quick!). She still has just the 2 teeth but her top 2 teeth are so close to cutting through.

Weight and Length: 19 pounds 8 ounces and 28 inches

Eating: Nursing about 5 times a day still and eats solids at breakfast and dinner and usually another snack mid-day.

Sleep: She also is a great sleeper and sleeps from 8pm-7am. She naps twice a day for 1.5-2 hours and possibly another if we are in the car.

Clothes Sizes: 9 and 12 month clothes. She is basically in all 9 months still except for pajamas.

Favorite Things: Bath time, being outside, going for walks, exploring, swinging, books, getting into things she's not supposed to, when daddy comes home.

Least Favorite Things: She doesn't like being by herself or being confined. Diaper changes are better now with her. She also hates socks. Whenever we put them on she rips them right off!

Milestones: Pulling up on everything, and climbing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ireland Part 1: The Travel Day

Ok so I am going to detail our trip in a few posts or else it would get super long. So hears the first, on the preparation and hectic travel day!

I spent the entire day before we left packing everything and making plans. Patrick and I shared a bag and I mostly packed for the both of us before he got home from work. I was also able to squeeze in all of the gifts and wine we brought into our bag to eliminate another. Then the babies all shared a bag. We also brought a pack and play to check. I packed my diaper bag with extra clothes for the babies, about 15 cloth diapers, wipes, some soft toys, books, blankets, pacifiers, and a wet bag. I packed another backpack with the same. Then I packed a bag for Patrick to carry with a change of clothes for the two of us, more toys, a ton of snacks for us, and water bottles. Inside was also a small insulated bag with 6 bottles of pumped milk and some snacks and teethers for the babies. He also had a bag full of all the electronics (his computer, camera, all of the chargers etc.) I also had all of our necessities in that bag including wallets, and passports.

We finished getting everything ready pretty late that night and went to bed around midnight. We woke up at 4:15 am and I went to get the babies up, dressed and nursed them. Patrick went to get all the last few things packed. My dad came to drive us in our car since the seats were already installed. We got everyone loaded and left just before 5am. We arrived at the airport at 5:15am and the babies were wide awake.

We checked our 3 bags and loaded all the carry-ons and Evelyn's carseat into the stroller. I wore Declan and Owen in 2 Ergos and Patrick wore Evelyn. We were quite the sight! It wasn't too crowded and we got checked in quickly. By this point the babies were tired, but there was too much going on to sleep. We got to security and were able to keep wearing the babies and just had to get our hands swabbed to check for bomb residue. We then went to grab some food and fill the water bottles.

We finally made it to our gate after about an hour and met Patrick's parents. We changed the babies right before boarding into an extra absorbant diaper so we could go a bit longer between changes as long as they didn't poop. We got to board early which was awesome and the seat between Patrick and I was open and they said they wouldn't fill it so we could use it. I sat at the window with Owen and Patrick was on the aisle with Declan. Evelyn was in her seat behind me and next to Patrick's parents. At this point the babies were exhausted, so I nursed Evelyn right when we sat down. She fell right to sleep once back in her seat before we even took off. The boys were pretty content looking around at all the people so I was able to wait until we were through take off to feed them. I nursed Declan first and then Patrick put him back in the Ergo to fall asleep. Then I did the same with Owen. They were both asleep about 30 minutes into the flight. Evelyn woke after 3 hours or so and Owen woke around the same time. We went to change them both and then Declan woke up too and got changed. Evelyn was content with sitting in her seat for most of the rest of the flight with a few toys and grandma and grandpa playing and reading to her. Owen and Declan were good too and got to play on the middle seat and stand between us. We walked them all up and down the aisles a couple times and they loved smiling at all the people.

We landed in New York and got all of our stuff together easily with the grandparents' help. We changed the babies and then Patrick, his mom, and I all wore babies and his dad pushed the stroller with the stuff. We went and grabbed a quick lunch and gave the babies a snack and then headed to our gate for the next flight. We changed them all again into absorbant diapers and boarded the plane. They were all tired again so we were hoping for them to sleep a lot so we could too. Declan was pretty content with grandma so we actually had him sit with her and Evelyn was being a little more cranky. For this flight it was the same setup except I had Evelyn, Patrick had Owen and his parents had Declan. I fed Declan again before we took off and he was fine for takeoff. Evelyn didn't like take off as much this time but holding her helped and then I nursed her to sleep. She was just over tired. Patrick gave Owen a bottle because he couldn't wait and then rocked him to sleep. None of them slept long this time though and all needed a bit more attention. Evelyn slept the longest for just 30 minutes. But Owen woke first after probably only 20 and Patrick went to walk him around. Declan woke too but he was ok being entertained by the grandparents. We put Evelyn on the seat next to us and she was happy to sit up and play with some toys. Once Patrick came back Owen played on the floor, with Evelyn, and in the aisle standing up. He was loving all the attention from the flight attendants and neighbors. After about 45 minutes though he was getting cranky again and wanted to nurse. So I fed him and he fell asleep. Declan was over the car seat so Patrick took him for a walk and his parents took Evelyn. They tried to give her a bottle when she got cranky but she only wanted the real thing. So I was able to put Owen down on a blanket in the middle seat and he stayed asleep, and then nursed Evelyn. She was then fine to go in her car seat and fell asleep. Owen woke up after 30 minites or so and then Declan wanted to be nursed again. I nursed him to sleep. He and Evelyn woke about 30 minutes later (at this point we were halfway through the flight) and then we took turns changing them all. After that they were all awake for a bit and happy. We gave them some snacks and they all played for a while. They each took another 30 minute or so nap at staggered times and we rotated who was holding them. They didn't really cry at all on the flight, just a few whines here and there but just weren't able to sleep which meant we didn't sleep.

We finally landed in Dublin around 5 am. We collected all of our things and went to get our rental car. We got one because we wouldn't be able to all fit in one and that way we could go see some of my family as well. One of Patricks cousins also came to pick us up and drove his parents. He brought us car seats for the babies to use. We got all of our things loaded into the cars, and headed to the house we were staying the first couple days just outside Dublin!

Ok, thats it for now! See what I mean about being long?! In the next couple days I will try to post about our time here so far. It has been amazing. Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and it was so fun to be in Ireland for it!

Ill leave you with a picture of the Irish countryside...

Friday, March 14, 2014

We Made It!!

Well we have all arrived safely in Ireland!! I will have to do a detailed post later about the trip to get here but it actually went pretty well. It was an exhausting day but we are thrilled to finally be here. Now we are just enjoying some Irish tea before bed :)

Basically we woke the babies up early which made them a little cranky but once we got to the airport it actually helped I think. They slept a good portion of the first flight which was awesome and then didn't really sleep much on the second one. Just little cat naps. But that actually helped because we arrived in Dublin a little before 5 am, but it was almost 9 pm back home. Once we got all of our things, met the family, packed up all the cars, and made it back to the house it was almost 7 am (aka 11pm) and the babies were very tired. We got unpacked, I fed them and put the babies down for a nap. Then Patrick and I got our first big Irish breakfast! It was wonderful. The babies slept for 4 hours before we woke them up around lunch time and went out. They were refreshed and so happy. We went into downtown Dublin just to walk around and they loved it. It was so fun. We got back to the house and we all took a nap. We had dinner at another family  members house with a good portion of Patrick's side that was in the area. We got home and put the babies down a little while ago, so not much after when they would normally go to bed at home. They were exhausted. Im hoping that they sleep the whole night but I have a feeling they might not. We will see.

Tomorrow we are going to see Patrick's Great Aunt and probably meet up with a few cousins for dinner. Those are all the plans we have so far! I guess thats what happens when you plan a trip a few days before leaving! We have plenty of time though and this is going to be more of a seeing family trip than sightseeing. We will wait on the big stuff until the babies will remember!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crazy Plans

Well one of Patrick's relatives in Ireland has been fighting Cancer and we just found out she doesn't have much time left. He was very close to her as a kid whenever they went there and he stayed with her a few times on his own when he went in college.

Yesterday we decided as crazy as it will be, we would regret not going as a family to see her and introduce the triplets to her and the rest of the family. We knew we wanted to in a year or two but this makes the decision for us.

So we bought our tickets last night. We are leaving early tomorrow morning and are going for 10 days. We are so excited to go, just the preparation has been a bit nuts. His parents are flying with us too so we will have a few extra hands. We have 2 rows front and back but are still trying to decide what the arrangements are and if we should bring two or just one car seat. We will have the ergos too and the valco baby stroller. (family has other seats and beds for us when we get there.)

I'm a bit stressed getting everything packed but once we get there it will be so fun and we are excited as is the family!

The flight is at 7am tomorrow so we are getting up at 4:15am. My dad is going to drive us in the morning. Hopefully the babies wont be too cranky from getting up early and I can nurse them and once we get there they will sleep. Fingers crossed.

We have 2 flights both just over 6 hours I think and a 2 hour layover. Wish us luck!!

Ill update again when we arrive!!