Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks!

I have been meaning to put up a weekly pregnancy post since 24 weeks but its taking me until now to get one done. We have been very busy with the start of the holidays. Thanksgiving was great and we spent some quality time with family. Patrick had a couple days off and it couldn't have come at a better time. He has been very busy lately and is trying to get a lot of work done now in preparation for Christmas and the new year (spoiler alert: A new job is in the works!! More on that later). We are working hard to get a lot done for the new baby in the next few weeks and hopefully will be pretty much done by Christmas. I am starting to lose energy again as I head towards the third trimester and with three 17 month olds, I need as much of whats left just for them!

As for the rest of the pregnancy, it is going smooth. I can't complain much because its a walk in the park compared to 3! But I also don't know how I did it. Im starting to get back pain and nerve pain and its really hard to think I have 14 more weeks! I am enjoying it though and I can't wait for March!

We had our last appointment a couple weeks ago now and have another in just under 2 weeks. After that it will be on to every 2 weeks not 4! The baby looked great at my last one, still measuring BIG. We don't really know how accurate it is but babe was around 1 pound 10 ounces at just shy of 24 weeks and 12 inches! So we are prepping for a big one which really isn't surprising with the size the triplets were at birth but it makes me a little nervous!

Now onto a few questions I have gotten:

A lot of people have asked if i have a feeling on the gender even though we aren't finding out. I honestly don't know. It changes often. At the very beginning I thought girl and then it switched to boy. Now I really don't know and keep going back and forth. Patrick thinks its a boy now but thought girl in the beginning too. The rest of our family is pretty split too. So it really will be a surprise! Feel free to guess!

I also have been asked a lot about how it compares to triplets. Honestly I basically feel like a first time mom! The pregnancy is so different and my care is obviously different too. I am carrying differently, but part of that is because there is only one. I basically felt closer to 30 weeks pregnant at like 16 weeks with the triplets and you really cant describe what it's like with 3 even when my belly wasn't big yet. Plus, I never had to prepare for going to term or a natural delivery. There was much more caution with them. Although 6 weeks doesn't seem like that long I was preparing to deliver them at any time basically from 24 weeks on. This time is just so different!

Ok and finally here is a belly picture from a couple days ago... You can see my belly is a bit more vertical... I think baby is breech right now because he/she is kicking my bladder! And I feel a hard head on top of my belly. Not worried yet since it is still early but we will see what they say at the next appointment. At 24 weeks the babe was transverse, still moving tons!

How far along: 26 Weeks!

Size of Baby: A Head of Lettuce
Total weight gain/loss: At 24 weeks I was up 14.5 pounds.  
Gender: We don't know and won't be finding out! 
Maternity clothes: All maternity clothes. I love being pregnant in the winter as opposed to spring because winter clothes are much more comfy while still looking cute!
Stretch marks: Just the few that I have from the triplets.
Belly Button: In, but definitely flattening.
Sleep: Definitely needing and loving my pregnancy pillow.Im waking up more and have to pee all the time but its not too bad. I miss sleeping on my stomach.
Symptoms: I'm starting to get more tired and my body is more ache-y. My back hurts more especially when carrying the triplets around a lot.
What I miss: Being able to sleep on my belly and really cuddle my babies. 
Cravings: This week has been great with thanksgiving but I have been craving a lot of sweets.
Aversions: Nothing!
Best Moment: A couple days ago Owen was nursing and the baby kicked really hard where he was laying. He pulled off and said "Whoa, Baby!" Then looked at my belly and started trying to play with the babe. The other two came to join as well. It was the cutest thing. It was the most interaction they had and makes me so excited for the arrival!
What i'm looking forward to: Finishing the nursery and enjoying the holidays. We are getting our tree this weekend! This is the more like the triplet's first Christmas as they were so little last year and now we get to watch then experience it all.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Little Life Update

Well what's new, we have a busy life. There is so many things I want to blog about and they never happen and then just turn into a jumbled post. Oh well.

Patrick is in the middle of another trial so he is working long hours. Im basically on my own with the triplets all day since he isn't really getting home until 7 or 8 most nights. Hopefully he will be done soon but I'm not holding my breath. Bless his heart though he really has been trying and is super exhausted. He makes breakfast before he leaves every morning and tries to bring me home treats and cravings at the end of the day. He's such a sweetheart.

I am feeling very pregnant now. I got my energy back some but now it is getting harder to sleep and I'm starting to get all the annoying symptoms: sore back, round ligament pain, braxton hicks etc. I'm loving feeling the baby though! He/she is a crazy one and moving all the time. Patrick can feel it too and even the triplets! Well at least Evelyn I know has. She gave me the cutest surprised face when it happened.

Speaking of them, they are 16 months now and getting into everything! Its such a cute age though. They are starting to understand a bit more about the baby and say "baby" and point to my belly all the time. They are talking up a storm and picking up new words all the time. Its crazy how fast they learn! They are developing the cutest little relationships and I love just watching them play.

They are getting so big!! Where did my babies go?!




We are staring to really prepare for the baby now and are starting the nursery. Its sort of been a storage room so we need to clear it out and organize. We want to get most of it done this month because the holidays will be very busy and then i'll be very pregnant and my due date will be just around the corner! It's gone by so fast this time and we haven't really had much time to enjoy it. Im already almost 23 weeks! Since we aren't finding out the gender, we aren't going to do too much in the nursery until after the baby arrives. He/she will be in our room for a while anyways. We are painting the room yellow and grey and are mostly going to do patterns for now. Depending on the gender we may add more specific stuff to it later.

There is far less to plan for only one baby and most of the big ticket items we already have. We really are just trying to mentally prepare for it and get the triplets ready to be big siblings. We have done a bit of shopping for a few outfits but not knowing the gender prevents a lot! We aren't getting a new stroller or anything and there are only a few new things I want to try this time around. We do need to get more cloth diapers and I am slowly adding to our stash.

We have talked a lot about names and we finally have them set! (I think...) This time around we are not going to share until the birth. More waiting! But really we have a couple names for each gender and are going to decide at the birth which one fits best.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halfway!! (Pregnancy Update)

I can't believe I am already halfway through this pregnancy! It's gone by so fast and we haven't had much time to prepare. We have been really busy with three toddlers running around and Patrick is pretty busy at work right now. I am very much in my second trimester now and feel great. I have gotten a lot, if not all my energy back which is awesome. I've been trying to soak up my time with the triplets as my babies for now because a lot will change when this new one comes! Plus towards the end I probably wont be able to do as much with them when i'm tired and huge! They are starting to understand a little bit I think. My belly is growing and they have noticed. They now all know how to say "baby" and point to my belly. In preparation we have gotten them some big sibling and new baby books as well as baby dolls. They seem to enjoy them! Although they really don't know what is going to hit them, it's nice to think they will do well :) They will get a good amount of practice too when their new cousin arrives in November.

We also had our big anatomy scan yesterday. We weren't finding out the gender so had to avoid that but thankfully the tech did a great job hiding it and we still have no clue (although she said she saw!). Everything checked out perfectly and our little peanut is growing great! But he/she isn't so little! My doctor suspects we may have a big baby on our hands both from the size of the triplets and because the babe is now measuring over a week ahead. If the triplets went full term they could have easily been well over 8 pounds each. So we are preparing for a bigger newborn which will be quite a change from last time!

I definitely feel big already and am carrying a bit different from with the triplets.

How far along: 20 Weeks (almost)!

Size of Baby: A Banana
Total weight gain/loss: At the appointment I was up 9 pounds.  
Gender: We don't know and won't be finding out! 
Maternity clothes: Yes! I am completely back in my maternity clothes besides the few things I can keep wearing like yoga pants/sweats and big t shirts.
Stretch marks: Just the few that I have from the triplets.
Belly Button: In, but definitely flattening.
Sleep: It;s ok but I am not as comfortable anymore and I wake up more often.
Symptoms: I am feeling a lot better! My energy is back and besides feeling big I really don't have any symptoms.
What I miss: Being able to sleep on my belly.
Cravings: I have a lot of random cravings. This week I really have been wanting fruit.
Aversions: Nothing!
Best Moment: Getting to see the baby and hearing that everything is going well!
What im looking forward to: Feeling the baby move more and feeling kicks on the outside! Patrick has felt a few but they have been small and I can't wait for the big moves and kicks that you can see on the outside!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Transitioning To One Nap! (And Breastfeeding Update)

Our babies are growing up! The last month or so the triplets have been showing signs of dropping a nap and going to just one. I have been excited about this because I am ready to do some longer fun outings and so are they! 2 naps also limit the amount of activities they can do, like music, library reading etc. But I have been hesitant to start because every time I think it's time they have a day where the two naps are very necessary!

Anyways, it's finally time and we have started the process. They have been fighting both naps and sleeping for less time totaling at most 3 hours. So if we aim for one 3 hour nap they won't lose any sleep! The way we have started is we are pushing their morning nap back later from what it was before at 9 or 9:30. They have actually been able to make it to about 11. That isn't an ideal time because they wake up starving and I think that is really what is preventing a longer stretch. Then they have taken another cat nap but I don't let it go longer than an hour because it's closer to dinner. I think in another week they should adjust a bit more and make it another hour in the morning. Then I can give them lunch before they go down and hopefully that will fix it! I am aiming for a nap from about 12:30 to 3:30 or so. We really aren't too far off and they have adjusted well!

After we get this routine down, we are going to do some breastfeeding training. My supply has dropped a bit with the pregnancy so the babies have been asking to nurse more often that before. I had no problem nursing on-demand before but now I am a bit more tender (and emotional!) and I want to get a set routine for then established well before the new baby arrives. I'm hoping that if we practice limiting and waiting now, they won't get upset when I am feeding the new baby and make them wait. There is going to be a lot of changes for them and hopefully this will help with jealousy issues from me nursing the new baby. I still want to nurse them, but I want them to have set times so I dont have 4 babies screaming for food!

I want to get to just nursing them in the morning, before naps, in the late afternoon/before dinner, and before bed. I am going to start the process by telling them to wait a few minutes when they ask and slowly increase the time to making them wait all the way to the next session. We have been doing a lot of talking about the new baby and I think they are starting to notice something is different and they can say baby and point to my belly. But they have no idea what is really coming and what is going to change!