Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So Many Updates!!

Well we are at the lake this week with all the family, which means I have lots of babysitters and can finally have some time to update the blog! It has been long over due and a lot has happened! Sorry! Adding Cormac to the family has been absolutely amazing, but exhausting and life just hasn't slowed down! People normally say the hardest transition is from 1 to 2 and then more after that are easy. For me I obviously went from 0 to 3 but adding the fourth has definitely taken some work. We have got a good routine down now but it was hard at first to have a newborn and toddlers. In some ways having three at a time was easier in the sense that they could entertain themselves but with two different age groups their is more to juggle. Thankfully Cormac is pretty easy going so when we are out and about he is totally cool to nap in the carrier and nurse on the go. All that said, I wouldn't change my family for the world :)

We have a busy rest of the Summer ahead as usual, with a few more trips to the lake, some friends coming into town, a few weddings, birthdays etc. We are also possibly planning to go to Hawaii with the kids in September. Although were not sure with work schedules and everything. They would love it though. It would be for a cousins wedding.

Anyways, first up, Declan, Owen, and Evelyn TURNED TWO!! Yep they are 2 year olds now and we seriously can't believe it!! My babies are growing up so fast and with it has come a lot of new things for us. They are talking so well now and are turning into such amazing big siblings. We had a great party for them with all the family and friends, it was a bit crazy but so fun. We ended up renting a park in our neighborhood and had a big spread of finger foods and of course cake! I need to do another post just on that later since this will get way too long if I go into details.

Owen (He took this himself!)
Weights and Lengths: Declan was 26.2 pounds and 34 inches, Owen was 26.5 pounds and 34 inches, and Evelyn was 24.11 pounds and 33 inches!

Eating: They are still eating 3 meals and lots of snacks a day, the biggest change is that they have all weaned from nursing! I will do a separate post on that but just last week all of them were officially done (look for a breastfeeding update).

Sleep: They are down around 7:30 and are up somewhere between 6am and 7:30am. They still are great at taking one nap from 12:30-3pm!

Clothes Size: All in 24 months/ 2T. Evelyn still fits a few 18-24 months shirts.

Milestones: They are speaking in a lot more sentences and are getting much clearer in their language as well. They are becoming more and more independent and awesome climbers! Also, Swimming! All three of them are getting really good at swimming and are really close to being able to swim on their own! By the end of summer for sure I think.

On to my next guy, Cormac is 4 months!! We've skipped a few monthly updates and he has changed quite a bit!! He is still my BIG guy and is so happy!

How can you resist that face?!
Weight and Length: At his 4 month appointment last week he was 16.8 pounds!! Jeez he's big. And he was 26.5 inches long!

Eating: Still eating a lot throughout the day, about every 2.5 hours, sometimes he goes to 3. At night he cluster feeds for about an hour before bedtime and still wakes twice to eat. He is just a hungry dude and can't make it through yet without eating.

Sleep: He is on a pretty good 3 nap schedule now with a 1.5 hour long nap around 9:30 or 10, another one at 1 or 1:30 and then a short 30 to 45 minute nap around 5. He goes down for the night around 8 and then wakes around 12 and 4, and is up for the morning around 7. He is a great sleeper though and goes down easy and when he wakes to eat he goes back to sleep very quickly.

Clothes Sizes: So yeah, this kid is wearing 9 months stuff. Some 6 months things fit but mostly in 6-9 or 9 months. Its insane. So many cute things he didn't wear because he is growing so darn fast.

Favorite Things: He LOVES the bath just like his siblings and he loves attention. He also just loves watching them and laughing.

Least Favorite Things: Diaper changes. This seems to run in the family.

Milestones: Lots of babbling and laughing, grabbing everything, and he is now rolling both from tummy to back and back to tummy (the latter not as often though, only when prompted).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cormac: One Month Old! (and a post-partum update)

This month has just flown by!! We have settled in to our new life and schedule with our new (not-so-little) little one! Cormac fits in so well with our family and we just love him to pieces! The triplets are so good with him and still haven't had many issues so i'm hoping that is a permanent thing now that it has been a month. They can still be a bit rough with him, but they are learning and honestly he is a tough little guy and they really do love him. 

I have basically fully recovered. I had an early post-partum check up with my OB because of how easy (ok I wouldn't say easy, but on their terms...) the birth went, without having any complications as well as going med-free. I had that today at just over 4 weeks pp and I am completely cleared! I feel great and really have been back to myself since 2 weeks but i'm glad to have the official clearance, especially to start working out. Although I have no idea when I will fit that in! I gained about 28 pounds this pregnancy and I have lost 24. So technically 4 pounds, but a lot of flab to lose. Im not worried with in for now and am just going to enjoy my family! 

Cormac is so different from the triplets to me but I don't know whether that is because he is just a singleton, because he is huge, or because of my life now. Looks-wise he still has big brown eyes, darker brown hair, and has a bit darker complexion like my side. He is just so sweet and cuddly and pretty laid back for the most part unless he is hungry or has gas. He is not quite as great of a sleeper, but we are working on that and it's still early. He is very alert and seems so old to me but again I think that is because of size. He loves to just watch his big brothers and sister.

We had his one month well check on Monday and this guy is huge! Here is his update:

Weight and Length: He weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds and 7 oz. and was 23 inches long!

Eating: He is not as much of a scheduled eater as the triplets and likes to cluster feed especially at night but he is eating roughly every 2 hours during the day averaging 20-30 mins and then around 9pm will nurse on and off for up to 1.5 hours. At night it is still similar to the day.

Sleep: He takes little catnaps throughout the day but seems to be staying awake more and more. At night we get one good stretch for 3 or maybe 4 hours if we are super lucky and thens he's back to basically every 2.

Clothes Sizes: He is already into 3 months clothes. Newborn clothes have been out for a while. He really never fit them because he was so long. He even fits some 3-6 and 6 months outfits!!

Diaper Size: He is wearing a few brands of newborn sizes still, but not many. He can fit tots bots but outpees them so we really only uses simplex. They are still awesome. Then we are still using fitteds a lot and the bottom bumpers size smalls.

Favorite Diapers: Blueberry simplex and bottombumpers for aios, and workhorse fitteds.

Favorite Things: Being held, eating, bath time, and watching his siblings.

Least Favorite Things: Gas pains, and being put down.

Milestones: Holding his head up, following voices and sounds, several small smiles but not sure if they are officially real.

Pictures! These two are from his actual one month birthday and the day we started seeing little tiny smiles. We still haven't really caught one though.

The closest I have gotten of a smile/smirk
And of course a sleepy one!

Friday, April 3, 2015

2 Weeks Old! Adjusting to life with 4 under 2

We have been adjusting pretty well to having Cormac in our lives. He is so sweet and I already can't imagine life without him. I somehow forgot what it's like to have a newborn in the house! Although feeding and caring for just one is a lot easier than 3 :) We have had to change our schedule a bit and the sleep deprivation is hard, but so far we are doing well!

The triplets are all doing so well with him. We have to talk about being gentle a lot but that is just because of their age. They all seem to love him and are very interested in everything. They all want to be my little helpers and it is just too sweet! We haven't had many jealousy issues thankfully and a lot of that I think comes from them already having learned to share and take turns etc. It's been a bit of a struggle with them wanting me when I need to be with the baby. It's harder for me though I think. I want to be able to give them all my attention, but I just can't at this point. They play so well together now though and I am thankful for that, I actually think in some ways having three of them is easier! We also have had tons of family around to help and they are being spoiled.

Breastfeeding has gone pretty well. The triplets are still nursing and are doing fine sticking to their schedule even when Cormac nurses basically all the time. The first week or so was difficult after my milk came in because I do have a strong and fast letdown that was hard for Cormac to handle. I have adjusted a bit with positioning and hand-expressing and my supply has seemed to adjusted a bit more as well. It is still strong for him, but he is starting to get the hang of it.

As for my recovery, I feel basically back to normal. I have had a very easy recovery this time around with no tearing and not having any medication. I am so happy the birth went so well!

We had Cormac's 2 week check-up on Tuesday and he is doing great!! Let me tell you, he is quite the chunker! He was 10 pounds 9 oz and 22.25 inches long! Glad to know these seemingly never ending breastfeeding sessions are doing something. This kid can eat!

Just look at this sweet face and chunky cheeks from last weekend:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Birth Story :)

We are just sitting in the hospital waiting for them to do the newborn screening and then we are going home! I have a bit of time and Patrick is bringing stuff to the car and baby is sleeping so I thought I would write this out while it's still fresh :)

On Friday the 13th I went in for an appointment at 2 days past due. Baby was moving tons and my fluid looked good so we decided to wait on a NST and see what happens. I was almost 3 cm. dilated and 80% effaced. We scheduled another appointment for 41 weeks and if baby hadn't come by then and there was no progress we would talk induction.

On Sunday we went to the discovery museum with the triplets and then to my parents house for an Early St. Patricks day dinner. That night I had a few BHs but just went to bed not thinking anything of it. I woke up around 3 am with contractions around 7-8 minutes apart. They were not very painful and I wasn't sold it was real yet. I laid around for over an hour and they held steady so I woke Patrick up around 4:30am saying that I was pretty sure labor had started. At this point I needed to get up and keep busy so went downstairs and told him to go back to sleep and I would get him if I needed anything. I did some laundry, took a shower, and cooked breakfast. He came down around 5:30 and the contractions started to pick up a bit. I was fine between them but had to stop for the actual contraction. For the next hour before the triplets woke up we just tried to stay busy and he massaged my back. 

Around 7 am the triplets woke up, I managed to nurse them, and then Patrick fed them breakfast. We told them what was going on but they were so confused. At 7:30 we called his parents because they were going to watch them. By this point my contractions were stronger and closer together at 5 minutes apart so we called my doctor. He knew we wanted to stay home for a while though so it was just to keep him updated. 

Around 8 am his parents showed up and I got in the bath. The bath helped a lot and I stayed in it for almost 30 minutes. When I got out, we started timing the contractions again and they were closer to 3 minutes apart. Patrick wanted to go to the hospital now but I told him it was still gonna be a while and I didn't feel ready yet. So we got his parents set up with the triplets and went for a walk around the neighborhood. During the walk the contractions got stronger. The walk really helped but I started to be uncomfortable between them too so we went home. This was around 9:15 or 9:30. When we got back to the house I told Patrick to start packing the car slowly, that we weren't in a rush yet. I called my doctor again and updated him and told him we would probably head in within the hour. His mom sat with me in the living room and I used my birth ball. I was having to breathe through the contractions and between so I knew it was getting close. 

I could feel the baby moving down and was feeling slight pressure which I was pretty sure was my water, so at 10 we decided to leave for the hospital. Patrick said we walked through the doors at 10:13 am. My mom and sister met us there. My contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart. Once we got into the room and went through all the protocol procedures (monitors, IV, urine sample etc.), the nurse checked me around 10:35 and I was 8 cm and 100% effaced. That was such a relief (but also crazy!) to hear because it hadn't been very long and I was hoping I was really progressed so I didn't have to labor in the hospital too much longer. My bag of water was also bulging so she broke that and called my doctor. He came in about 15 minutes later just before 11 am and I was 9 cm dilated and baby was now at +1 station. They started getting the room ready for delivery.

I started to feel pressure and the urge to push at 11:10, was checked and was 10 cm! So on the next contraction I started pushing. After the first push baby's head was visible and my doctor slowed me a couple times because he didn't want me to tear and for the risk of shoulder dystocia. Let me tell you having the doctor tell you to stop pushing or push "easy" is one of the hardest things ever!! But I breathed and moaned through it and baby was delivered at 11:27 am! Patrick leaned over and immediately shouted IT'S A BOY!!! And we both started crying. Patrick cut the cord, baby boy's throat was cleared and he let out a big cry and was placed on my chest. We both looked at him, looked at each other and knew his name. He was Cormac Niall. They quickly got him cleaned up and weighed and measured. He weighed 9 pounds 13 oz, was 22 inches long, his head measured 14.5 inches and he scored 9/9 on the apgar. Everyone exclaimed how big he was and I didn't tear!! So that pain of having to wait to push and hold back was so worth it!

After he was all cleaned up, I did skin-to-skin and he breastfed for the first time. He latched right away and has done great ever since! My mom and sister left to go get us all lunch and so we could have some time just the three of us.

We texted or called all of our family and close friends and called Patricks parents. The triplets had gone down for a nap and they would bring them right after. My parents and sister came back with lunch and they hung out until the triplets came They arrived around 3 pm and were a bit shy at first. I had Patrick hold Cormac and gave them all some cuddles and them they were interested. They all got to hold him and they all kissed him! They stayed until about 4:30 and were starting to get crazy so my parents took them back home. Patrick hung out for a bit longer and then went home around 6 to have dinner with the triplets and put them to bed. I told him to just stay with them but he didn't want to miss the night with me so after they were asleep he left them with my parents and brought me dinner around 8:30 :) We enjoyed the night together and Cormac did really well! He woke up several times to eat but slept well in between. But we'll see how tonight goes! Patrick went back in the morning before the triplets woke up, had breakfast with them and then came back here around 9. He is so amazing. We should be home in about an hour and them the real crazy begins! We are parents to 4 kids under 2 and couldn't be more thrilled :)